Our Company

Tim Jones and Ryan Cranswick, owners of South Island Concrete, have over 50 combined years’ experience in the concrete industry.

Tim started South Island Concrete over 26 years ago and has operated for 17 of those in the Calgary market alone. Ryan and Tim share a similar history in their introduction to the concrete world, both starting at a young age and dedicating themselves solely to this industry has given them a combined vast knowledge of concrete. Fun side fact, they also share the same birthday! Both are extremely hardworking, honest, dependable and professional, they stand by their commitment to quality workmanship 100 percent. South Island Concrete knows how stressful it can be trying to find a contractor that you can trust. Together, with their hard working team they have poured literally thousands of driveways, garage pads, patios, and basements. No job is too big or too small. If you only need a broom sidewalk or small stamped patio all the way up to rip out and replace, they are happy to come talk to you and give you a free quote.







The Team Behind South Island Concrete


Tim Jones | Owner -

Tim started doing concrete as a summer job in the late 70's and when he finished high school he just kept doing what he knew. Tim moved to Victoria in the early eighties, met his wife, and started SIC in the early nineties. As luck would have it, the economy went bad in the late nineties and he went from 8 employees to none. He was forced to move to Calgary to look for work which turned out to be the best thing that ever happened to him. Once he got there, he made one phone call, and has never looked back. He provides the company with years of concrete knowledge and experience, his strong suit is assisting clients with great customer service and finishing the job ensuring he leaves with a satisfied customer. Tim and his wife love Calgary! Their kids have houses, great jobs and now the grand kids are starting to appear. Life is good, thank you Calgary!!


Ryan Cranswick | Owner -

Ryan too started doing concrete as a summer job, then continued after graduating. He worked in the small town of 100 Mile House, BC for several years before deciding to venture out in 2009 to Calgary. Upon arriving he met Tim, there work ethic and personalities clicked right away and they’ve been helping customers together ever since. Having worked in both, a small town and a large city Ryan has had the opportunity to experience several different concrete scenarios. Every concrete job has many stages, measuring/reviewing plans, prepping/digging the work area, forming, pouring and finally sealing/finishing. Ryan can and has done it all, but his greatest strength is at stage one and forming. His attention to accuracy and craftsmanship really enables the end result to be completed properly. Ryan, his wife and their daughter love everything Calgary has to offer and are proud to call it home!


Sandy Jones | Director -

Sandy provided the impetus for Tim to start South Island Concrete and has been behind him for almost 30 years. She is the head bookkeeper, writes all the cheques, seals all the stamp jobs, expedites men, supplies equipment around the city, helps customers with color choices, and puts together the best lunches known to man! She is the glue that holds it all together and the company would not exist without her. She has also been told that she is the "best granny in the world".