Will my concrete crack?

I’d. Like to add one to the inevitable facts of life…. death and taxes … concrete cracks .. period . The trick is …to get it to crack where you want . Even this can be tough . This is why you need someone who won’t cut corners on prep , you need best practices […]

Ripout and replace old concrete

It’s usually pretty obvious when it’s time to Ripout and replace the old driveway . They have sunk , the aggregate is coming apart and it’s cracked badly. This one has sunk about 6’’ on the left side and sunk so much at the garage they had to put temporary clunk clunks ( technical term […]

A Look at a Lakefront

A professional look into a project we completed a few years back with Oasis Landscaping. Click to watch the Video: Lakefront Oasis

Let The Games Begin!

Let the games begin! Sport court all done. #sicwork