I’d. Like to add one to the inevitable facts of life…. death and taxes … concrete cracks .. period . The trick is …to get it to crack where you want . Even this can be tough . This is why you need someone who won’t cut corners on prep , you need best practices in terms of .. excavating all organics , proper compaction , rebar , engineered concrete ,and control joints at all the point where it’s prone to cracking , even then it may not do what you want .. but it almost certainly will in the control joints … if you do get a visible crack it’s not that big a deal , your pad isn’t going anywhere especially if you’ve had these best practices I spoke about , it will be fine .

Typical control joint pattern for a driveway .
These are hand tooled control joints , They have a nice esthetic value in my opinion as well as a place for stress relief .. when we do colored stamp patios we usually saw cut as it’s less obtrusive, more subtle